Our core values.

We value Education

We beleive that everyone working within the Performance sector in sport should be continually learning - and regonised & rewarded for it. CPD is vital to our industry remaining fresh and ensuring we are in the best place to support and advise. But also that we should be supported by employers, relevant companies and institutions to do this!

We Pursue Excellence

For our industry to grow and thrive, we want the best people pushing us forward - shouting about our successes from the rooftops at the appropriate time - and in the appropriate way. We must have a code of conduct towards our fellow professionals - especially in an era where social media can create conflict - fast! We can all win, in our own ways!

We Practice teamwork

Our power as an industry is working together - just as the teams we work for do. Coming together is the start and thats what we must do - for too long we have been. a dispirate group of servie providers and professionals looking after ourselves. But we can, and must, work together for our collective futures

we can create knowledge

The collective knowledge and experiences within. our industry are highly valuable and sought after - not only by others in our industry, but by other buisnesses and organisations. We must channel this to create opportunities to maximise the resources we have, through media and courses.

About the plan...

Taking the industry forward

01There are now a large number of practitioners working across sports science, S&C, Nutrition, Performance Analysis, Psychology and other disciplines within national federations, clubs, support organisations, the media and individuals.

02 Operating in silos ensures that the power of the collective is lost when it comes to getting support from NGBs, representative groups, professional service providers and other companies and organisations.

03For many years, an 'association' has been proposed but never really followed through. We wish to explore bringing the whole community together and doing a better job for ourselves - not an offshoot of another established organisation already serving a different subgroup

04 We want to spread the word about what we do and how we do it outside of the UK and Ireland - we want to have more interaction and better relationships with practitioners across the globe and across sports. We can all learn from each other & grow the industry globally

First Steps

01 Dave Carolan (creator of FootballScientists) has started with conversations with colleagues across the spectrum of performance services in England and elsewhere. The plan is great - but resources are few. So we need help

02 Companies and organisations have expressed great support for such an organisation and feel that if we can get together we can do great things. - sponsors and partners are ready to support us!

03 We have secured understandings with Leathes Prior and Towergate Insurance for the provision of Professional Services for members when we begin. These will be matched to the needs of members and offer protect for practitioners to practice in safety from litigation or employment issues

04 We now have a website and something to springboard from - there is also a plan towards formulating & starting an assoication. We have some non-execs, with huge experience in sports administration & buisness, ready to advise on making our first steps and take us forward. Then we'll need you to be part of it

Future Plans

01 National Committee: Initially made up from a variety of experienced and committed practitioners and professionals across the disciplines - from professional applied practice, academia, industry and from the regional committess. 

02 Regional Divisions with both general and specific discipline interests. Incorporating clubs across the spectrum of the game and practitioners across the experience continuum 

03 CPD Events and Conferences: We have already spoken with providers to help formulate a 'CPD Window' to ensure that events are available nationally and at times to permit as many people as possible to attend. We also hope to partner with a specific provider to help develop a national conference for Performance Services across all the disciplines, coming together to learn from & interact with each other

04 Development of a framework to better deliniate between practitioners of different levels of width, breadth and depth of experience & qualifications. Identification of roles and responsibilities and protection of 'Titles' to ensure that their is no dilution of the importance of our work. For too long our ego's have driven our need for 'titles' We must have an objective discussion about what is appropriate for our work 

Now is the time for the industry, and those working within it, to come together to help ourselves – by ensuring we promote, protect, improve and maximise our work for ourselves, and those we work with. If you are interested in helping, email us and offer your support!Dave Carolan, M.Sc - PerformanceScientists Founder
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