Keeping everyone connected

Sometimes it’s the small things we miss at work… the little chats on the pitch, the gym, in the corridor! So I’m opening up a video chat for anyone who just wants to drop in, not be lonely, share knowledge, eavesdrop, make new friends etc…

No compulsion, just leave your preconceptions & ego at the door, be respectful & support each other. May add some discussion topics through the days & weeks if people want! All suggestions accepted or hosts/moderators welcome!

All in it together

23rd March

is this the end of conferences?

General Discussion

1st April March

General Chat

Suggest a Topic….

7th April


Suggest a Topic….

25th March

Party in the U.S.A

Experience of the MLS – Harry Routledge & Jonny Northeast

2nd April

General Chat

Suggest a Topic….

9th April


Suggest a Topic….

download Zoom

We will use Zoom to host the meeting and there is a limit of 100 people on at any time! We probably wont need that level of room size, but for those who don't make it it, there will be a waiting room! Link is via the app icon below!

Want to host a session?

If you wish to host one of the sessions, please get in touch! It would be fantastic to have some experts host a roundtable or workshop - just email,

Questions - we all got 'em

Got any questions, please email and we will do our best to help you out!