Tracking player movement has for the last 15years come a ‘normal’ part of sports. The advances from the likes of Prozone using optical recognition of players in matches, through to the various GPS companies allowing motion capture of players in training also has had a major influence in the players/coach/media/fan space as people gain a deeper understanding of the where, how and why players and teams perform in. a certain way. But of course, one vital element has largely escaped the clutches of the scientists working on these methodologies, and the one that perhaps adds the most context to the metrics observed – the ball, or in the base of the the fastest* sport in the world, the puck! But Jogmo are changing all that, and adding even more features to the game as they do it!

When JOGMO began to develop their in-puck and player tracking technology, not only where the coaches going to benefit, but the fans sitting at home, or a coffee shop could to. Thats because the technology was so advanced that it would also allow the integration of VR and AI to enhance how the game could be viewed – in essence, you could watch the game from any perspective!

This kind of technology cannot be far away from further infiltrating some of the other sports that currently involve chasing or manipulating an object around the pitch or court. Kinexion famously trialled ball tracking in the Bundesliga in 2017 but its further deployment was limited.

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