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This year’s Soccer Science conference has taken the bold move of placing the event this year immediately prior to the start of pre-season in England and it certainly is a welcome change to see that there is a CPD early in the season, when everyone is fresh and motivated following the close-season break.

With a schedule full of elite level speakers and high levels of experience in the room from both presenters & delegates, the 2018 conference attracted 150+ delegates as well as top level sponsors & sports tech companies on exhibition. The Soccer Science conference provides real world insights at a modern soccer venue., and 2019 promises to be even better!

A Cocktail of CPD Topics

Topics being discussed at the 2019 Soccer Science conference include:

– Keynote: Gary Neville – Winning mindsets & future trends of the game
– How to develop the elite football athlete?
– Developing speed, power & agility in your players.
– Transfers aren’t just for players – What happens when a coach joins a new club
– The use of VR as a coaching tool
– The future of players tracking
– Contextual sprinting – How and why does a full-back sprint?
– Building the next generation of high performance football clubs
– Using InStat for opposition analysis and player recruitment
– The training methodology of FC Barcelona
– Developing your game model and training philosophy

There are a limited amount of tickets available so purchase yours now to avoid disappointment.

2019 Updates

The 2018 conference went down really well with delegates and the choice to move the event to Hotel Football in Manchester will ensure that there is the potential for a full house of practitioners in attendance for the very full programme of talks!

Last Chance for Tickets

With the imminent start of the conference, now is the time to secure your tickets for the event. Early Bird tickets were snapped up as people rushed to secure their place and make good savings on the already reasonable price for the day.

Follow the following link to access the full conference programme and secure your place.

Soccer Science Conference 2019

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